The accomplishments of cardinal richelieu during his lifetime

This secured, Richelieu was consecrated bishop in April From a middle ranking and uninfluential bishop, to the man who molded France into a European powerhouse, Armand du Plessis de Richelieu achieved a number of accomplishments on a number of levels during the course of his life.

Mazarin had a sense of humor, and when the Fronde was finished, he had the best Mazarinades collected and performed in a concert at his palace. After he was appointed to the royal council of ministers on 29 April[25] he intrigued against the chief minister, Charles, duc de La Vieuville.

InRichelieu ordered the army to besiege the Huguenot stronghold of La Rochelle ; the Cardinal personally commanded the besieging troops. Another series of portraits of authors complemented the library.

The ascendency that he gained over her, however, did not lead to her submission. Now his right arm was suppurating with tubercular osteitisand he coughed blood after his death, his lungs were found to have extensive cavities and caseous necrosis.

While promising Richelieu help to combat the Protestants, Spain in fact subsidized their leaders, in order to keep the French government preoccupied, and seized the strategic fortress of Casale in northern Italy. The Queen-Mother was also restored to the royal council. His parents were residents of Rome, spending the summer in Pescina to escape the summer heat.

Though he declined to join their order, he excelled in his studies. He committed war expenditure with little regard for the difficulties of raising revenue, and he was given to economic improvisation that was often unsound, but he eschewed doctrinaire views and retained flexibility of mind.

Richelieu and absolutism

The Thirty Years War. The rebellion lasted for three years. He raised an army of Spanish and French soldiers, and marched on Paris, arriving on July 2. The contrast was described by Cardinal Retzthe future enemy of Mazarin, in his Memoires: As a result, Richelieu was hated by most of the nobility.

Richelieu was the first bishop in France to implement in his diocese the reforms decreed by the Council of Trentand he was also the first theologian to write in French and to establish the conventions of vernacular theological exposition. Fouquet, drawing upon his wealthy relatives, was able to provide the money.

His vast horizon reflected in part his concern with the French religious missions, which spread in Africa, the Middle Eastand America and which extended French influence and created a vast intelligence network that fostered his political and economic designs. Tomb of Mazarin in the Institut de France In his last months, Mazarin mostly resided in the Louvre Palace, A large fire broke out in the Gallery of Apollo, the main picture gallery of the Louvre, and destroyed many pictures, greatly upsetting Mazarin.

Riots broke out around the Bastille, and were suppressed with great difficulty. The king convinced his mother to exile Richelieu in The other major group that Richelieu wished to reform was what he referred to as the "third order of the realm".

Unrest of the cathedral chapter threatened a revocation of the grant, and it became necessary for a member of the family to be consecrated bishop as soon as possible.

It had been made obvious to Richelieu through past example, that the scandalous and flamboyant lives often lead by these church officials did little else than annoy the common public and thus endanger the stability of the state.Early Life.

Cardinal Mazarin

Born on September 27,in Fontainebleau, France, Louis XIII of France was the oldest son of King Henry IV and his second wife, Marie de' Sep 27, Cardinal Richelieu strengthened the central government and he worked tirelessly to extend the royal power.

Richelieu sought to destroy the power of the Huguenots and nobles- these were two groups that id not bow down to the royal authority.

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What were major accomplishments and influences of Cardinal Richelieu of France?

Cardinal Richelieu's Policies. The following lists some of his policies during his eighteen years in power: He negotiated with the English king's advisor, the Duke of Buckingham, that Charles I of England should marry Louis XIII's sister, Henrietta-Maria.

During all of his negotiations, Mazarin was very careful not to be too critical of the French court and Richelieu, and they remained in contact. In November,he left Avignon to return to Rome, carrying instructions from Richelieu that made him a discreet Ambassador of the King of France.

From a middle ranking and uninfluential bishop, to the man who molded France into a European powerhouse, Armand du Plessis de Richelieu achieved a number of accomplishments on a number of levels during the course of his life.

The accomplishments of cardinal richelieu during his lifetime
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