Course syllabus business organization and management

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Diploma in Business Management - Course Overview

The emphasis will be on model formulation and interpretation of results, not on mathematical theory. Neha Taurani The training was nice. This can be followed up with additionally advanced program such as M. You will learn how to model complex business problems that involve risk and uncertainty with the help of spreadsheet models.

Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Mohandas Gandhi and those who are not well known e. Use information technology as a tool to perform essential management tasks. The majority of the material draws from the theory and practice of financial management.

There will be regular quizzes online to ensure that you keep pace with the learning objectives. Will this Business analyst course help me in becoming a business analyst? The course is relevant for anyone contemplating a career in a law firm, an in-house position in a company or an independent practitioner - for early starters, it will even help in internships and cracking interviews.

Demonstrate understanding of how to carry out the planning function of management. For additional assistance please contact our Disability Resource Center. Explain how linking the organizational social practices to the community is ultimately advantageous.

Generating and evaluating possible solutions to management problems. Case interviews and case competitions are used as models for learning. Yes, We will actually give you two projects. Students will engage in real-time crowdsourcing projects ranging from outsourcing their homework online to designing a social innovation challenge.

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Case preparation has two major parts: The course provides techniques and skills that students can apply in researching many types of questions and problems, including those encountered in other graduate-level courses as well as the degree capstone.

It focuses on fundamentals of game theory, covering basic concepts and techniques through a mix of lectures, exercises, and case discussions.

Additional Courses that can be taken as Advanced Management Electives: Required Book Shore, David A. The course covers all the skills relevant for entry level business analysts. Teaching Methodology This is an online class that requires initiative and discipline in order to complete this course effectively.This course guides students through fundamental project management concepts and behavioral skills needed to success-fully launch, lead, and realize benefits.

COURSE STRUCTURE FOR MCA 4 Fourth Semester A. THEORY CODE THEORY CONTACTS (PERIODS/WEEK) SL. NO. L T P TOTAL CREDITS 1 MCA Software Engineering & TQM 3 1 - 4 4 2 MCA Graphics & Multimedia 3 1 - 4 4 3 MCA Data Base Management System II 3 1 - 4 4 4 MM Operation Research & Optimisation.

The course teaches you to conduct basic data cleaning and analysis. You will learn to extract, merge, clean and analyze (large) datasets. Start small by applying strategic workforce planning in excel and work your way towards building a custom HR dashboard.

Introduction to Business (BUS) Course Syllabus Instructor Information: organization and role of business in the free enterprise system. The course is designed to provide Chapter 6-Understanding the Management Process (pages ) Chapter 7-Creating a Flexible Organization (pages ).

More specifically, the course will explore how organizational leaders develop winning strategies, and then design their organization in a way that aligns structures, social relationships, tasks, human resource practices, and people to achieve those strategies.

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Course Syllabus: Information Technology Management the strategic objectives of the organization. The course develops an analysis of the current state of business and IT management and evaluates the information architecture, IT strategy, technology architecture and.

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Course syllabus business organization and management
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