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The Senate has 47 members 38 elected and 9 appointed who serve 8-year terms. However, that does not happen. This included the illegal hoarding of goods by the rich; creation of a vast black market; blowing up industrial plants, electrical installations and pipe lines; paralysis of the transportation system and, in general, attempts to disrupt the entire economy in such a way as to create the conditions needed to justify the military coup.

Far-right candidate Jose Antonio Kast exceeded expectations, but trailed with 7.

Michelle Bachelet

However, since Chile has experienced a number of small-scale bombings targeting mostly banks, but also a police station, a political memorial and the UK Embassy, and most recently, the offices of a major newspaper and magazine publisher and a prominent Catholic cathedral.

A policy of privatization of industries and utilities was instituted, including the return of companies nationalized under Allende to their previous owners again, excepting the copper industry, which remained nationalizedthe sale of government-owned companies to individuals and conglomerates, and the sale of percentages of companies to employees and the public on the stock exchange.

In such cases, appeals can be made to the civilian Supreme Court. Another agrarian reform law was passed in to clarify expropriation and settlement procedures and to permit an increased turnover rate.

In addition to electing its first woman president, Chileans ratified the same ruling coalition for the fourth consecutive presidential election and fifth consecutive parliamentary election.

The priorities which the Popular Unity had established in its program of social transformations were largely reached. During that period, Chile's territory expanded with new claims to Patagonia and the island of Tierra del Fuegoand inthe founding of Punta Arenas on the Strait of Magellan.

After the war ended, there was a recession and the country was on the verge of civil war.

List of political parties in Chile

The average annual rate of increase in GDP between and was 7. Production of raw wool in was an estimated 15, tons. Military leaders also pushed through an amnesty law, which covered human rights abuses between and There is a tariff on almost all imports originating in countries that have not entered into a free trade agreement with Chile.

Crime rates are moderate throughout the country, and the vast majority of crimes are nonviolent. There are more than 10, milk producers in Chile but only two milk processing companies, which control the market. Tax evasion is not a serious problem in Chile.

In the agricultural sector production appears virtually stagnant inwith only an 0. Allende expropriated US copper interests and turned large rural landholdings into peasant communes.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, established during the Aylwin administration, recorded 1, disappearances and 2, executions and death from torture during the dictatorship years. During its 16 years in power, Chile moved away from economic statism toward a largely free market economy that fostered an increase in domestic and foreign private investment.

The implementation of the Chicago model has not achieved a significant reduction of monetary expansion. The economy suffered profound economic disruptions during the Allende period — On December 14,Christian Democrat Patricio Aylwin, the candidate of a coalition of 17 political parties called the Concertacion, was elected president.

Chile's corruption is among the lowest in South America. As a result, the top two vote-getters--center-left Concertacion coalition's Eduardo Frei and center-right Alianza coalition's Sebastian Pinera--competed in a run-off election on January 17,which Pinera won.

Pinochet remained as commander-in-chief of the Army untilwhen he became senator for life. In the meantime, the Liberals became conservative, and moved close to that party.

Chile - Politics, government, and taxation

Chile's presidential and congressional elections took place 13 December See Article History Alternative Title: Designation of Chilean parties as being of the right, center, or left has been a function of shifting national political climates. In the primaries, she would face off against former President Ricardo Lagos, who said earlier this month that he will run again for the country's highest office in Smart, dependable, honest, and dull, Frei represented both stability and stagnant politics.

A wave of liberal reforms curtailed the power of the Roman Catholic Church and the presidential office. The other main themes center around the campaign process: Anarchist groups have claimed credit for some of the bombs.

Although she finished at the top of the nine-candidate field in the first round of voting in November, she fell just short of the absolute majority necessary to prevent a runoff against the second-place finisher, Evelyn Matthei, of the ruling conservative Alianza coalition. As the cost of living soared, the radicalism of the workers intensified.

List of political parties in Chile

The Independent Regionalist Party, Independent Democratic Union, National Renewal, Political Evolution, and Amplitude party were the original coalition backing him, although other right-wing forces have also thrown in their support after the first round of votes.

Meanwhile, massive protests persist in the country over a wide range of issues including pension and labor reform, rights of women and Indigenous Mapuche peoples, as well as education and health.During the brutal dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, which lasted from topolitical parties were severely repressed.

After the return to a civilian democratic government, political parties began re-emerging and eventually consolidated into 2 major blocs, the center-right and the center-left.

In the nineteenth century, Chile became the first country in Latin America to install a durable constitutional system of government, which encouraged the development of an array of political parties. Free term papers & essays - political parties and social organizations in chile, Political Science.

chile political parties and organizations

Michelle Bachelet, in full Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria, (born September 29,Santiago, Chile), Chilean politician who served as president of Chile (–10; –18).

She was the first female president of Chile and the first popularly elected South American female president whose political career was established independently of. Essay about Political & Legal  Political and Legal This organization puts Chile on the 8th of countries surveyed.

Chile obtained an index of points out of Compensation- to give money to the other party. Three categoteis of tort law 1. Neglegance 2.

chile political parties and organizations

chile political parties and organizations Taking a look at Chiles government and institutions it gives the idea that the average person is represented. Chilean people have a history of strong political ties and many private associations and organizations.

Chiles political parties and organizations essay
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